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Mandorlato al Cioccolato di Modigliana is a sweet traditional flavors that originated in the nineteenth century, thanks to the pastry chef Assirelli which has the merit of making the typical sweet of Modigliana. At one time the Duchy, today "Romagna-Tuscany", Modigliana is borderland and its traditional sweet well represents the influences of neighboring territories: the cake is in fact called by Modigliana also “panforte” or “pampapato”. The name "Chocolate Almond Modigliana" refers to the mold oldest, which was recovered and still "tells" the story of tradition Modigliana: - The imposing Fortress of the Counts Guidi, Lords of Modigliana: symbol of the country, affectionately called by the Modigliana "Roccaccia" or "Rocàza"; - The emblem of the Florentine lily symbol of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany; - Medals that represent the various awards received by the Almond Chocolate Modigliana, in particular the awarding of the 1906 International Exhibition in Milan.
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For some historical documents shows that the late nineteenth century onwards, the sweet receives several awards, both nationally and internationally: • 1906 Silver Medal at the International Exhibition in Milan • 1907 Silver Medal of the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce • 1909 Gold Medal with diploma of honor at the International Exhibition of Paris • 1910 Diploma of Honour and Grand Cross of Merit • 1910 Diploma and Gold Medal Cremona The cake is strongly linked to the tradition of Modigliana, so that in time are different families and ovens that during the holiday season we propose a variant staff. The advantage of this cake is to be an absolutely artisan; there is no trace in any cookbook Romagna, but has always been passed down orally from generation to generation, until you get to Mauritius Mortani. "The recipe does not exist in writing, is handed down orally. I have learned from the last holder, dear friend of my maternal grandparents. It 'so I decided to resume the production of handmade and make known this specialty beyond villagers "(M.Mortani).
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The awards

After years of field work and historical research, in 2010 the cake is recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as Product Agribusiness Traditional Emilia Romagna
The cake that was produced only in the months of november and december, you can now enjoy it all year round, thanks to the response found in gastronauts admirers and lovers of traditional local products. Very suitable as a gift or for home consumption, this typical still represents one of the close ties that have Modigliana with their roots and traditions.

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